Mini Story Pack #1 to Launch April 28

Mini Story Pack #1: Secrets of Mugwood will officially launch on Tuesday, April 28th!

Journey into the hidden microsystems of Patreayl where you’ll battle belligerent bugs (and a few monstrous plants) for the fate of a community of sentient lizards. Meet the residents of a quaint mushroom village and try your hand at catching moonflies. Defend a patrol outpost overrun by spiders. And finally find your way through a maze of insect-infested tunnels deep underground in search of a sacred object…

The Pack will be available for $9.99 through the in-game cash shop on launch day. For a more in-depth look at the new mini worlds you’ll be able to explore, check out the trailer above, or any of the Mini Story Pack Spotlight posts below:

We are excited to share this new world with you, and we hope you enjoy exploring it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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