Tinkerer Crafting Profession How-To

The Tinkerer Profession update will officially launch tomorrow (November 5th) at noon CST. We hope you are as excited as we are to get in game and start crafting items. For those who want a little more guidance on this new class, we put together this post and a tutorial video to guide you through the ins and outs of tinkering.

Getting Started

You’ll find your new Tinkerer crafting station inside the basement of your Player House. Next to the crafting table is a tutorial sign. Wave at the sign (like you would an NPC) to begin the Tinkerer tutorial. This short tutorial will walk you through the basics of adding resources to your chest and how to navigate the Blueprint list above the station. It will also give you your first blueprint (Orbus Picture) and enough resources to craft the item. Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be able to wave at the sign again to receive additional information, such as where to find resources, along with some other tips to help you get started.


To the untrained eye, these may seem like paper worthy of your dragon's cage, but to a Tinkerer, these are the keys to creating their works. Found throughout the overworld, underworld, and acquired in various ways from NPCs, blueprints are the key to starting your professional career as a Tinkerer. While you may want to trade your findings with other Tinkerers, blueprints are soulbound, and only need to be discovered once and stored in the Tinkerer chest for safe keeping.

Resources alt There are seven new types of resources you will need to build all items in the tinkering profession.

Ground Essence

While there are more nefarious uses for this magical powder, in the right Tinkerer's hands, it is what gives life to objects. You can purchase this resource in the new Tinkerer shop in the underground market of Highsteppe.

Wood Scraps

Have you ever wondered what the Stafrusher monsters are made of? Collected from killing all types of monsters in the overworld, wood scraps are a common resource used in a wide variety of items!

Cloth Scraps

While most adventurers tend to favor metallic gear, there are the brave few that venture down into the dungeons with only cloth for protection. While some do make it out alive, there does seem to be an abundance of cloth scraps to be found while fighting monsters inside of dungeons...

Wood Cog

In their research, scientists (including Sicilus) noted that the dungeon bosses have a fascination for wooden cogs. While they’re not sure what the appeal is, they are certain that killing these tough monsters provides the best—and only—chance of acquiring this rare resource in the realm. (Although be warned: a lot of scientists were harmed in the making of this study.)

Metal Cog

The metal cog is an uncommon resource needed to craft a handful of items. It is also the only resource that can be forged in the cauldron of the Alchemy table, similar to the Rune Tiles players use to enhance their gear.

Metal Spring

This prized ingredient is needed in all the most state-of-the-art advanced items the Tinkerer can build. Found only through Public Event reward chests, metal springs are considered a rare item that could demand a high price when other Tinkerers are in need.

Polished Shard Glass

Considered to be the pinnacle of craftsmanship, these once rough shards have been polished down to make a clear glass. This Epic ingredient can only be found by fortitude and a little luck while fighting monsters in the overworld as a rare drop. If you have your eye on making a Orb Mount of your own, you will need to ensure you are clearing the realm of any monster you see.

Tinkerer Items

The items that a Tinkerer professional can build fall into two categories: Player tools and Player House furniture. You must first find the blueprints to the item you wish to build, then gather all necessary resources before attempting to build.
alt Player Tools

Currently there are seven Player “tools” available to build, including two new mounts, a new armor chest transmog, and some useful tools such as a hand lantern. There is also a new tool called the "Raven's View Camera" that can be crafted and sold. When deployed into the air, this camera switches your Desktop view to the camera’s perspective, allowing you to record dungeon runs, craft Rune Tile loadouts, or even star in your own YouTube videos from a different perspective. (PCVR only; the camera will deploy, but not change perspective on Quest).
alt Player Furniture

There are currently eight items that can be crafted for use in the upcoming Player House Customization update (November 19th). These items include the Geared Chair, Cuckoo Clock, and the Cube Puzzle, which can be tricky for even an experienced Tinkerer, to name a few. There are also several pictures you can craft to hang on the walls.

Tinkering Crafting Station How-To

alt The second home of all future Tinkerers, the crafting station has all you will need to hone your skills. Floating above the table on the right-hand side is the Blueprints list. This shows you everything that is currently available to build in game, as well as what you have unlocked and are ready to build. If the Blueprint tile is outlined in a red box, you are missing the resources or blueprints needed to build this item. Hover over the item name to pull up a tool tip and check out the list of resources needed to build this item.

Once you select the item you wish to build—and have the required ingredients and blueprint—you will see a "Build Now" button appear. Once confirmed, you will see a hologram outline of the item you are building appear in front of you above the crafting station.

You can rotate the hologram by using the left and right arrows at the bottom of the tabletop. If you decide the puzzle was more than you can handle at the time, you can click the "Cancel Build" button.

Note: If you cancel a build before finishing, you will not be debited the ingredients. So if you want to just try a puzzle to see if it’s too hard or you run out of time before finishing, there is no risk of losing your hard-earned resources. The resources are only debited when the puzzle is completed and the completed item is added to your inventory.

Once you get the hologram positioned the way you prefer, you can begin to assemble the puzzle pieces into place. Grab the pieces using the grip button on your controller. You must hold grip to continue to hold the piece. If you release grip the piece will float in air where you left it, allowing you to turn/rotate the piece to get it to fit correctly.

You will know once you have placed the correct piece in the correct position as it will lock into position, not allowing you to grab or move the piece, along with removing the hologram outline for the piece. Once you have all the pieces in the correct position and the puzzle is completed, it will play an animation showing the completed piece, debit your ingredients used to build that piece, and place the completed Tinkerer item into your inventory.

Once you have discovered the Blueprint for a Tinkerer item and stored it inside the Tinkerer Crafting chest, you will not need to acquire that blueprint again and can build multiples of the same item as long as you have enough resources (similar to the way the Potion Crafting recipes work). If you choose to you can craft these items for yourself, your party, your guild, or trade them to players and sell them on the Auction House—although some items, such as the Orb Mount and Expedition Chest Transmog, are soulbound and cannot be sold.

And that's it for now! If you have read this far: thank you. As a reward, here's a hint as to where one might find the blueprint for the Orb Mount:

Only the adventurer who is not fearful to cast into the depths of darkness will overcome their greatest fears.

We are very excited to get this crafting profession into the hands of our community, and look forward to the feedback we receive. As a note, you will be able to obtain the blueprints and build the Tinkerer furniture starting on Nov 5th, but will not be able to place it into your house until the Player House Customization update on Nov 19th, so you will want to store the new furniture items you build inside of your Player Chest, as they are tradeable and will drop if you have PVP enabled and are killed.

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