Player House Customization Update Releasing Nov 19th!

The Player House Customization content update will go live tomorrow (November 19th) at noon CST. This ties in with our last update of the Tinkerer Crafting profession, which allows players to build some of the furniture they will decorate their house with.

We are excited to bring this staple of MMOs to OrbusVR. With the update, players will be able to place up to 16 pieces of furniture per room inside their Player House. You will start with 4 slots unlocked in each room, with the ability to unlock more slots in each chest with dram. We are hoping that this will allow players to return to their homes after a hard-fought win against the legendary Lich King and find some much needed rest and relaxation crafting potions, catching up on lore in their Player Library, or just lounging around planning their next Raid.

Getting Started

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To begin, walk over to your newly installed Furniture Storage Chests (identifiable by a chair icon on the chest) inside each room of your Player House. Open the chest and place the furniture items you wish to decorate with inside. They will appear floating above the chest in front of you. Activate the "Build Mode" by pressing the button in the chest UI screen. This will activate grabbers on all the objects in the room that can be used to move and decorate. Grab the furniture using the grip button and rotate and place the items where you wish them to remain.

Note: You can grab bigger furniture pieces like bookcases and tables anywhere to get a better angle on placement.

Once you are happy with the placement of the furniture, open the Furniture Chest again and toggle off the "Build Mode" by clicking it again. This will remove all the grabbers from the objects and your items will now be set. You can come and go as you please, as well as switch devices (for example between Oculus Quest and Vive) and the furniture will be saved to its location.

If you get tired of an item’s place and want to move it to a new location, simply activate the "Build Mode" again and move the item. If somehow an item gets out of your reach, you can simply remove the item from the chest by placing it in your player inventory, then re-place it back into the chest to reset the item’s position.

Note: If you swap items out of the furniture chest, it will reset the position of the new item to above the chest, and will need to be placed again where you want it.


You can find the furniture shop by going to the lower level of Highsteppe (known as the Underground Marketplace) and entering the new Tinkerer Shop that was introduced a few weeks ago. Inside the Tinkerer Shop you will find some of the gadgets that Tinkerer can craft. At the back of the store there is a door that will take you to the Furniture Shop.

Furniture Shop Furniture Shop Inside this shop you will find every item that is available to place inside your house as decor. This includes the common furniture sold through the Furniture Vendor, the Tinkerer Furniture that you must craft or buy from other players, and the Achievement Vendor who will only sell you the items once you've unlocked the achievement for yourself.

Inside the shop there is a 3D representation of all the different furniture so you can make an educated decision what would look best for your home. To match the name of the furniture piece to the item name, hover your hand over the Furniture piece and a tooltip will appear giving you the item’s name. Then speak with the correct vendor to purchase the item and decorate your house.

Common Furniture

Sold through the Furniture Vendor inside the Furniture Shop, these are the most common items that can be found throughout most player’s homes. These can be bought directly through the NPC and also sold on the Auction house between players once they decide to re-decorate. These items include chairs, books, tables, static practice dummies (cannot be attacked; only for looks) among others.

Tinkerer Furniture

The hard-working Tinkerers of the Realm have been crafting furniture to decorate their player house for a few weeks now. If you’re not interested in crafting it yourself, you can find some of these items for sale on the Auction House. A few examples of these items are the Cuckoo Clock, Elongota Picture, Essence Tree, and Geared Chair.

Achievement Furniture Empowered Valusia Warrior Defeated The Achievement Vendor will only sell the pieces you have unlocked through earning achievements. You can open your Achievements tab in your Player Menu to view which achievement has a corresponding furniture or title associated with it, or visit the achievement section of the furniture store as the items are named after their corresponding achievements. Some of these items include: Getting to Know You, Empowered Valusia Warrior Defeated, and Fall Herald, among others.

Parade of Homes Dev House We are really excited about this content coming to the player base, and wanted to show off how we've turned our Player Houses into our own special homes. Below you can see one example of this, with the rest being posted on the Community Forums here. We hope to see how creative the community can get with decorating their homes and hope to see many more screenshots and walkthroughs from the community in the coming weeks.

Upcoming Content

Along with bug fixes and some optimization for how we sort and display other players on the Quest (going to sort by party first, then proximity distance), we have the Winter Festival coming up at the beginning of December. We will go into more detail in the coming weeks, but with this festival you will see changes to the terrain, foliage, the town of Highsteppe, along with festival monsters and new quests, similar to the Fall Harvest Festival.
Winter Festival During the Winter Festival we will also be celebrating our two-year anniversary with a special weekend filled with developer-led events, special items for playing during the anniversary and other exciting events and news. We can't wait to share with you more about both the Winter Festival and the Anniversary weekend.

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