Q3 Sprint Five - Dynamic Level Scaling, Dungeon Queuing and More!

Launching on Monday, September 17th will be our fifth sprint in the Q3 Roadmap. It adds the first implementation of Dungeon Queuing and Dynamic Level Scaling to those dungeons.

Dynamic Level Scaling

Beginning with this patch, we have the ability to designate some content in the game as dynamically scaled. What this means is that regardless of your actual level, the enemies that you fight will scale the damage that you deal and the damage that you receive such that it feels like fighting an “Even Match” same-level monster.

More comprehensive details and notes on the system can be found in the Patch Notes, we recommend you read them if you have any questions.

We are turning on this feature in this patch for the Cave Dungeon (Maeo’s Sanctum), Rainforest Dungeon, and Desert Dungeon, so you can now do any of those dungeons with a mixed-level group and still find a compelling experience.

Dungeon Queuing

You will find a new feature in the Social -> Activities tab which allows you to queue for dungeons. When doing so, you will be asked to choose a role (either Tank, Healer, or DPS – or a mix of these). Once you have selected your role, you will be entered into the queue and matched with an appropriate group.

In addition to queuing for dungeons, our queuing system now allows groups to join. When you are in a party, only the Party Leader can initiate a queue. Note that depending on your group’s composition and roles, you may have to wait longer than when queuing as a single person.

The queue will (for now) only place you in the Cave, Desert, or Jungle dungeons, and since those are now dynamically scaled, that means any player in OrbusVR can join a queue and be placed with a group regardless of level.

We still have a lot of work that we want to do to further improve this feature, such as for example allowing you to choose to accept or decline the queue after it “pops”, to allow you to choose specific dungeons to queue for, and to offer daily rewards for veteran players for using the queue. But even in its current state, it should add a welcome new activity for players of all levels, and we’re excited to bring it to you!

We’re hoping this really opens up the ability for newer and veteran players alike to join together and do a fun activity. Alongside this, the week’s Defend the Realm monster slaying requirement will be focused around these three dungeon’s bosses – so basically the best and quickest way to meet your Defend the Realm requirement this week will be to use the new queuing system!

More details can again be found in the Patch Notes.

Defend The Realm Update

We’ve updated the leaderboard with a list of all the possible Defend the Realm rewards. In particular:

  • The Defender’s Crown will be a transmog hat style signifying your efforts.
  • The Defender of Patreayl will be a title available to choose in the new titles system we are bringing to Reborn.
  • The Dev Final Boss reward, if unlocked, will see us put in the time to develop a special type of World Boss that one of the Dev Team members can directly get online and control, so you can fight us as an actual boss in the world before Reborn launches.

You can discuss this update on our forums!


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