Q3 Sprint Four: Dragon Pet Sightseeing, Defend the Realm

Launching on Monday, August 27th will be our fourth sprint in the Q3 Roadmap. The main attractions of this patch will be the new Dragon Pet Sightseeing mechanic and the beginning of the Defend the Realm in-game event.

Dragon Pet Sighsteeing

Expanding on the Dragon Pet happiness system, this is a fun little activity where you can take your Dragon pet with you on a sightseeing tour of the realm. An unknown entity has placed special dragon treats spread throughout the world, so take your Dragon pet and go on an adventure to find them together!

Each treat can be consumed by your pet once per week and instantly grants full happiness. There's also a special achievement you can earn for feeding all the treats to your dragon at least once.

Defend the Realm

The Defend the Realm event will be commencing on Monday as well. This is a long-term event which will last for the next few months and lead into the transition from the current game into OrbusVR: Reborn.

(Spoilers ahead for those who have not yet completed the Main Story Quest)

With Bishop Roma defeated, the Order has begun to unravel in Patraeyl. As such, the guards scattered throughout the realm who were responsible for defending the cities and towns from attack have become derelict in their duties. In addition to this, the adventurers delving into the Waystation Crypt seem to have awoken further the monsters of chaos which have slumbered in the deep places of our world. Guardian Bart has put out the call for all available Guardians of Highsteppe to return and defend the region against these forces, which have grown more brazen in their attacks on civilized areas.

(End Spoilers)

Heed the call of the Guardians by contributing weekly toward the defense of Highsteppe and the surrounding area. Each week different supplies will need to be gathered, and a variety of threats will need to be dealt with. In the beginning these will be basic materials and ingredients, along with far-away foes such as Aberrations; but as the event progresses, more powerful items will be needed, and the threat will be increasing, requiring concerted effort by many guardians if Highsteppe is to be defended.

For your contributions, you will earn points toward a weekly personal goal in both the resources gathering and monster slaying categories. There will also be a server-wide goal revealed on the main website. As the entire server works together, additional global rewards will be unlocked (such as a special cape, pet, etc.). Those who have reached a personal goal of 18,000 points when the event ends will be eligible to receive all of the global rewards that the server has unlocked through group effort.

As stated, this is a long-term event that will continue to evolve over the next few months as the threat grows and the denizens of OrbusVR fight back to defend their city. Look forward to world boss events, in-game GM interactions, and more over the course of the event, and we look forward to seeing how well the server can do against this new danger!


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