OrbusVR: Reborn Dev Spotlight - Dragon Pet Racing

Hi everyone! Let's talk about Dragon Pet Racing, which will be one of the many activities you'll be able to take part in when playing OrbusVR: Reborn, our new expansion to the game coming Q1 2019.

In Dragon Pet Racing, you'll be taking over your pet dragon and controlling it through multiple courses throughout the world, some located in towns and villages and others even located in dungeons. The courses range in difficulty from beginner to expert. You'll be shooting for different time goals to unlock rewards by achieving bronze, silver and gold objectives. You'll even be able to watch other players flying their tiny dragons around, it's really cute.

For the first time, we're introducing in-game leaderboard signs. These will be located next to each course and keep track of the course's record, so you can easily compete with your fellow Dragon Racing Pilots to see who can earn the lowest time.

Sicilus came up with the brilliant idea to set up courses throughout the world in order to train dragons, constructed from found objects such as barrels, fans, crates; and they will often feature obstacles that players must avoid, creating another layer of difficulty. Many of the courses also feature multiple paths that you can take, some riskier than others. We anticipate that expert racers will over time learn the optimum path to take to meet the criteria needed to cross the finish line while shaving every second possible of their score.

Mechanically, you control the direction the dragon flies by the way your head is pointing, and you can slow down using the control stick in case you need to do a tight turn. Your dragon has stamina and you must fly through the rings to regain it, otherwise the race will end.

(Note: This is all subject to change and may not be the same in the final version.)

Look forward to more details about Reborn in the coming weeks and months, and don't forget that the first Reborn Beta Test will commence on November 9th!


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