OrbusVR: Reborn Beta Phase 1 Schedule and Information

Today we're pleased to begin sharing with you our plans for the first phase of OrbusVR: Reborn Beta Testing.

During this phase, all existing OrbusVR owners will have an opportunity to participate in the beta test. So basically if you already have a copy of the game, or you purchase one during this phase of the beta from the Steam or Oculus stores, you will be able to participate in all of the beta tests listed below.

Phase One Schedule

During this first phase, we will be hosting beta tests approximately every 4 weeks, and each test will last from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. The focus of this phase of beta testing is gathering initial feedback and bug reports on the new features that will be introduced in Reborn. That means, for example, we'll be focusing more on getting the new classes in than on re-works of the existing classes.

Without further ado, here is the schedule:

  • November 9th - 11th: Test One
  • December 7th - 9th: Test Two
  • January 11th - 13th: Test Three

What to Expect for Test One

The first Beta Test beginning November 9th will feature a lot of new and exciting content to begin testing, even for veterans of the current game, including:

  • The new avatar customization system and character creation process
  • The new Dragon Pet racing activity including several courses
  • The new Creature Capture activity which sends you on hunts throughout the world to capture small, rare creatures using your new net tool
  • The initial version of the Bard class
  • The new and improved Monster AI and a new race of enemies to fight
  • The new Mission and NPC Rewards system
  • Plus at least 2 new zones to explore featuring our new hand-crafted art style

In the coming weeks leading up to the actual test, you can expect us to release blog posts diving into some of these new activities in detail. We can't wait for you to join us in the new and improved OrbusVR world, and we hope that you're as excited as we are!

Dev-Led World Boss Event Saturday October 13th

Finally, we wanted to make note of a special event we'll be hosting. Saturday October 13th at 7 PM US Central Time some members of the Dev Team will be online to lead a World Boss hunt. The more folks that show up the better, so we hope you'll be able to join us for this fun community experience. See you then!


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