OrbusVR Demo: Play Free Until Level 10

If you have always wanted to try OrbusVR but didn’t want to commit to a full purchase, here’s your chance. Available on the Steam Store for SteamVR and Oculus headsets, the Demo allows you to play up to level 10 on all eight of the game’s classes for free.

With so much content in the overworld, we felt that it was really difficult for new players to decide if they like the game within the usual constraints Steam requires for refunds. With the new Demo, you can really take your time to explore the overworld, check out all in-game activities and make an informed decision before purchasing.

And if you do decide to purchase, all of your character’s previous progress and inventory will be saved, meaning you can pick up right where you left off and continue your journey to max level. While the Demo is on the Steam store, it works with both SteamVR (including Vive and Index) and Oculus Rift headsets. If you choose to purchase on the Oculus store after trying the Demo, you can still continue from where you left off.

Of course, the Demo does offer some restrictions over the full version of the game. While Demo users can continue to play the game after reaching level 10 on all eight classes, their characters won’t gain any additional XP, halting in-game progress and keeping higher-level zones and activities realistically off-limits. Demo players are also restricted from using the Auction House and trading with other players.

New players who are just joining through the Demo are encouraged to check out our new Quick Start video, which will help guide you through some of the basics of starting the game.

To download the demo, just head to the main OrbusVR page on the Steam store and choose the "Download Demo" button. And OrbusVR is still on sale for about a week, so if you check out the demo and decide you want to get the full game, now is a great time. See you soon!

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