Ruins of Guild City Hard Mode Beta Release

Hi everybody, here's a quick update on the state of things!

Last week, we launched the OrbusVR Demo on Steam, with which you can try the game out for free and play up to level 10 on any class, and we've since seen over well over a thousand new players try the game out, with many deciding to join us for the long term! It's always exciting to see a new wave of adventurers coming into our world and discovering Orbus.

Today, we're launching the beta Hard Mode version of the Ruins of Guild City Raid, which features much more difficult versions of the current normal mode bosses - a challenge for even the most seasoned of fighters and experienced fellowships. This beta will go on for a week to test for any issues that may occur before it gets officially released on July 16th, Noon CST. Progress is not saved during the beta, so any consumables or items used will be restored to you whenever you leave the instance and no item drops will be awarded.

Hard Mode Raid Mount

You and your friends can enter the new Hard Mode through the door to Guild City from Highsteppe. The current "Enter Raid" option in the player menu will still lead to the Normal Mode version.

Players will be able to obtain more powerful raid gear, as well as a special cape and mount to show off proudly!

We're excited to watch players sink their teeth in this new challenge, and as always we'll be around to hear your feedback on the Official Forums.

Next week, we'll also be posting a roadmap outlining our content schedule plan for the near future and some of the new features and changes you can expect, so look out for that on the blog.

We'll see you in game!


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