K'tula's Cove: New Armor and Pet Previews

K’tula’s Cove Chaos Dungeon will officially launch on Tuesday, May 24th! Complete the dungeon for a chance at two new pets, as well as new armor.

The new Laguz armor sets are inspired by the tentacled, underwater atmosphere of K'tula's Cove.

altLeft to right: Cloth, Leather, Plate

There will also be mini pet versions of two of the new dungeon enemies. The King Kar'Nos pet will be available as a drop off both bosses. This loyal pet will spin for his owner – but everyone else watch out! He can be a bit, well, crabby to strangers.

The Chaos Bat will also be available as a pet, too. We think you'll find this terrifying little one-eyed, winged cephalopod as charming as it is...weird.

For more on the environment and bosses of the new Chaos dungeon, check out the K'tula's Cove Preview post.

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