Dev Blog: Questions and Answers #2

For our second Developer Q&A we have pulled some more questions from the forums and ones asked in game.

Could you do like a report of them from the start of reborn?

All stats below are from Reborn's launch until now--

Hours Played: 1,071,672
Total Monsters killed: 44,479,763
Loot Bags looted: 4,199,930
Fish caught: 1,358,252
Dungeons completed: 141,184
Shard dungeons completed (all levels): 64,491
Raid Boss 1 killed (Normal): 3,854
Raid Boss 5 killed (Normal): 2,776
Raid Boss 5 killed (Hard): 1210

Will the server wide boosts that players do, stack with the server wide boosts that the Dev Dudes do so we can party hard together?

Currently no, they do not stack. We will announce when we are planning on doing an Boost Event ahead of time so players can save theirs and we will activate our own. In the future we may come up with some additional Server boosts that work for us only, but for now they will be the same.

Combat logs… Any plans for improving them?

While we don't have any plans in the near future of re-doing them in any grand sense, we will be adding the addition of displaying what class a player is using, so when it we start collecting data to do a balance pass we can have more accurate data (and more accurate logs from players) going forward with those decisions.

Fellowship chest permissions still coming?

With the patch on Tues (June 2nd 2020) you will have a basic permissions for the fellowship chest. The Leader and Officers can now grant permission to members inside of the fellowship to have access to the chest (to deposit and withdraw items). The default permission for members is set to off, so if you can't access the chest anymore you need to speak with your fellowship.

For leaders and officers to grant permissions, you open the Fellowship member list, select the name, and you then grant permission. You can revoke a members access to the chest even after granting it, but there are no secondary permissions like deposit only.
We’ve seen some “new” and new mobs recently. Can we expect to see this trend continue and fill the world with more diverse combat experiences and enemy models?

I will go into more depth in the upcoming "Explore the Realm" blog, but there will be the addition of Elites as well as their magical minions on the island. We are also planning on introducing some of those minions (without their magical powers) into the overworld as new "Skins" of some of the existing mechanics. So while they will look different they will still attack the same as some of the existing monsters. Doing this we are hoping to address some of the feedback (especially around the highsteppe area) where you only see the "Stick guys" for the first hours of game play, as well as scattering them across the other overworld zones.

Will we ever have non-disc mounts such as horses?

If you mean like the "Stick Horse" mount currently in the game, then yes you can expect to see some more varied mounts (including the ones coming out for the Explore the Realm).

If you mean an actual horse with 4 legs that you would ride on top of, then no that is not something you will see coming out in Orbus. I'm not saying that it couldn't be a possibility in a future version of Orbus a long ways down the road, but currently there are no plans for making these types of mounts.

Are the overleveling perks still coming this year?

Yes they are, they will come out before the end of the year. I'm not sure if this question has been asked or not but when the new perks come out we will not be resetting the current perk point selections, but we will have more information about what the perks will be in the coming months so players can make their decision then.

Will there be any requirements of clearing the guild city raid before you’re able to enter the new raid?

We have talked about this internally, I think that with the next raid being the Citadel at the end of the current raid, I can see the thinking to require you to first complete that raid before moving on to the next. With that said though, I have never liked when new content drops in other games that I am then required to run through the old content as a barrier to entry for the newer content just because that's how it is, not because of any game play reasons (as long as I am of correct level and geared up for the new content). So I think what we might do is give you incentive to clear both raids (like an achievement tied to a reward only if completed both raids), so if you have never experienced the Guild City raid you would want to do it, but the new Citadel raid won't be locked behind completing it.

Will the grinder be getting any love anytime soon?

Yes we are planning on looking at rewards avenues (like the grinding tool, small/large chests, public event chests, etc.) that have been introduced previously and haven't had any new rewards added to them. This will be a slow trickle type of updates where we will add new rewards to these avenues over time in the coming future.

Patch Tues 6/2

Just wanted to also make a note on the blog about the patch we have coming out tomorrow with some of the previous requested QOL updates/changes from the community.

  • Updated tool weights to be more consistent across the board
  • Added a deposit all ingredients to the Tinkerer station
  • Added basic fellowship chest permission system (noted above)
  • Updated light spell to make it stick for a short period of time
  • Friends list now sorts by players online first
  • Fixed fireworks spell SFX
  • Updated Spiderling and Dreadfang dye to be sell able to app smith
  • Made some changes to how we receive Player Reports from in game, to allow us to better access to these reports

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