Now Live: Legendary Shard Drops & Overworld Quests

In today's update, you can now begin the hunt for the new Legendary Shard Cosmetics, and discover new details of Patreayl with the three new quest chains found throughout the world!

Legendary Shard Cosmetics

There will be five new legendary cosmetics available in this patch: a Squirrel Tail, Dragonfly Wings, Demon Horns, and new cat and raven pets.

Preview of Shard Legendary Drops

These drops will be available only from enemies in shard dungeons and use the same system and rarity as the current overworld-only drops.

Overworld Structures and Questlines

This patch also includes the new questlines teased in our previous blog post. There will be three new structures in the overworld in the Lamavora, Hulthine’s Basin, and Flooded Rainforest zones, each with new NPCs that will give out quests following a short line.

In the Flooded Rainforest, the Weird Sisters’ hut can be found near the Wagon Graveyard teleport pillar.

Weird Sisters Hut

In Hulthine’s Basin, the new lighthouse can be found on a small island between the Bear’s Hollow and Flying High teleport pillars. This structure involves some extra work to get to (look for the “Climb Down” button at the edge of the cliff) and is also our first introduction of climbing into an overworld zone.

In Lamavora, the new Salvage Yard can be found down the hill from the Knight’s Fort teleport pillar.

We hope you enjoy the new questlines as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

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