Welcoming Two New Team Members

Hi everyone! As you know, we've been looking to expand the team and made an announcement to that effect a few weeks ago.
Today, we're thrilled to be welcoming to the team Jesse Jones as Sound Designer and Nathaniel Brandes as 3D Environment Artist !

Jesse will be improving our audio design in all sorts of ways, making the world feel more alive and filling in all the sound details and ambience.

Nathan will join the art team in remodeling a lot of the environment, landscapes and buildings to better fit our art style and make it more coherent.

They each had some words of introduction for you:

Hi! I'm Nathan, and I am joining the team as a 3D Environment Artist.

Games like EverQuest, Phantasy Star Online, and World of Warcraft have fostered my appreciation for massive online worlds and cooperative gaming.

I've been making 3D art for about 10 years and painting for about 5. Painting is probably my favorite aspect of making environments and game art in general. I'm looking forward to getting involved with VR and tackling all the challenges that come with it.

I hope you enjoy the art updates in the future!

And from Jesse:

My name is Jesse and I’m a creative & technical-minded audio professional from Ontario Canada.

Ever since my high school years I’ve been slowly and steadily building up an appreciation & aptitude for music, sound and all things audio-related. I attended Recording Arts Canada college in Toronto and Berklee Online College of Music respectively to take a deeper dive into the world of recording and game audio.

I was always a very avid gamer of all genres growing up, but once I married my interests of sound with gaming I knew I had something very special on my hands. Mass Effect was the game that awakened me to this revelation with its awesome and iconic biotic power sounds and immersive ambience designs, and I’ve never really looked back since.

In 2014 I was part of a small upstart studio creating augmented reality, VR, and educational game experiences, and more recently working on all the sound related to a shooter-platformer title in the vein of Megaman releasing on PC later this year.

With those experiences under my belt, I’m hoping to bring a very lush and textural audio aesthetic to OrbusVR and one that is unmistakably the sound of an enthralling and modern MMORPG, and I can’t wait to see where that journey leads me.

We are very excited to work with them to improve and push OrbusVR forward in the future!


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