Talent System Preview: Ranger and Warrior

This is the first of a two-part series where we're previewing the upcoming Talents system that will be added to the game on March 19th. Let's check out how the system is going to work overall, and what's specifically in store for the Ranger and Warrior disciplines.

Talents System Overview

The Talents system is a new addition to the game which will allow you to make some meaningful choices which will further customize your character to your chosen play style. When designing this system, we went through several iterations, some with more "small choices", more akin to a talent tree, but in the end what we found is that just led to a lot of "throwaway" or "obvious" selections. Instead, we have decided to hone in on a system where you are presented with 4 tiers of high-impact choices that really change how you play the game.

At each tier, you choose between two different "paths." You are free to choose from Path A on Tier 1 and Path B on Tier 2 if you'd like, but obviously the most powerful synergy will come from making the majority of your choices in a particular path.

While leveling from 1 - 20, you'll unlock a choice tier every 5 levels (so Level 5, 10, 15, and 20). If you're already Level 20 when the system comes out, you'll have access to all four tiers right off the bat.

Once you make a choice, it's locked in unless you visit a special Teacher NPC in town who can reset your choices for a fee. The fee will increase if you switch your choices frequently, but the fee decays over time. So generally speaking, you can choose to be a group-focused Warrior on the weekend, and a solo-focused Warrior during the week, but it would be expensive to swap between the two 2 or 3 times per day.

Warrior Talents

The Warrior's two paths are the Templar, which focuses on improved mobility and excels in group content, and the Berserker, which greatly increases the Warrior's damage output.

Righteousness: Your Provoke combo heals you for a small amount.Rage: Your Wound combo causes the target to bleed for 15% of the damage dealt over 2 seconds.
Improved Stun: When an enemy is Stunned by your Shield Bash, they also take 5% increased damage from all sources for 2 seconds.Shield Spike: Your Shield Bash causes the enemy to become weakened to your sword attacks and Wound combos, taking 25% additional damage, for 3 seconds.
Improved Rush: Your Sword Rush ability can store up to two charges, and can also be used to rush to friendly targets.Intimidate: After using your Sword Rush ability, gain a buff which increases your Critical Strike chance by 25% for 3 seconds.
Blessing of Protection: Raise your sword high into the air, gaining a temporary shield which will absorb damage equivalent to your currently lost health, for up to 5 seconds. Can be used once every 60 seconds.Blessing of Might: Raise your sword high into the air, granting a boon to yourself and nearby allies which increases your damage by 10% for 5 seconds. Can be used once every 60 seconds.

Ranger Talents

The Ranger's two paths are Snipe Shot and Quick Shot. They focus on two very different styles of Ranger play, one in which the shots are fired at a deliberate, carefully aimed pace, and another in which the shots are fired as quickly as possible.

Snipe ShotQuick Shot
Globe Master: Your can generate up to three globes at once when firing at long distances.Globe Keeper: The globes that you earn for firing highly rated shots last longer before decaying at close range.
Improved Charge: Your Charged Shot applies a 2-second, 35% Slow effect to the target.Rapid Charge: Your Charged Shot charges in 1 second instead of 2 seconds.
Arrow Sight: When drawing back your arrow for 2 seconds, gain Arrow Sight, which shows you the projected path your arrow will take.Multishot: Every time you fire an arrow, you have a chance to fire an additional empowered arrow.
Precision: Unlocks the Precision Shot Indicator, which allows you to do increased damage with precise timing and careful aim.Rapidity: Unlocks the Rapid Shot Inidicator, which gives additional bonus damage as long as you are firing shots very quickly without pause.

The Precision Shot Indicator is based around rythym. Essentially, you are encouraged to fire one shot per second at a fairly precise moment. When you do this, your shot is empowered such that you are dealing the same amount of damage as you would if firing 3 arrows/second.

The Rapid Shot Inidicator is based around how quickly you fire your arrows. Each time you fire an arrow, it fills up, but it will also quickly decay. When it's totally full, you gain increased damage for every shot.

Final Notes

We're doing a lot of experimenting right now with these talents to determine how fun they are to play, and to balance them. They're not official and they are subject to change still. Even after we put them out, we will likely continue modifying them based on feedback from the community and balance them according to how we see players using them in practice.

Overall, this system allows you to make some really interesting choices which will have a major impact on your play style in the game. We look forward to seeing how players adapt their gameplay around these choices and we think it will add some nice depth to the game as well.

See you next week!


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