Welcoming new programmer to the team!

Hi everyone, he's been working with us for a little while already (notably on the pet system for the last weeks), but we wanted to introduce Kyle Long, our latest addition to the team!

Here's a few words of introduction from his part:

Hey! My name is Kyle and I'll be another programmer on the team.

MMOs were always a big part in my life. It started with 2D Runescape, and transitioned into Guild Wars and Warhammer Online. My love for MMOs was equally shared with the Halo franchise as well.

I started college focusing on Android development and transitioned into working with Unity on mobile platforms by the time I graduated. Out of college worked on a mobile game, made with Unity, that had to handle many assets and push new content to a live game, which came with many challenges.

I hope to apply my experiences to this game and help make it a fun and fluid experience!

We're very excited to be working with him to push the game forward and bring you new exciting things to play with.


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