Preview: Sprint Four and Oculus Free Weekend

Hey everyone,

This Monday the 16th, we'll be launching our Sprint 4 update which will mainly be focused around the new Pet Breeding System, but as part of it we're also adding two other important features to the game, being the teleport pillars and a system that will let you use shards to upgrade your gear and reroll its affixes.

Pet Breeding and Collecting

Beginning with 3 different dragon types in this patch, you will have to experiment to find which genes lead to which colour and size and carefully select them to eventually reach your favorite look!

Primary and secondary colours, spot colours, and even the size and type of your dragons are all traits that can be customized to create one you can really be proud to show off to your friends.

Teleport Stones

You've seen them during your travels - glowing pillars scattered across the world. Until now, instantaneous teleportation was the domain of Runemages alone, but no longer. Walk up to the pillars and you'll be able to activate them and teleport elsewhere without having to cast spells. You'll still need a reagent, however.

Gear Upgrading and Affix Re-rolling

If you've ever gotten a shiny new piece of loot only to find out it had the affixes you didn't want, or much worse stats than something you'd already been using, you'll like this new system.

Use your shards from breaking down your weapons to re-roll affixes on Epic and Legendary weapons and rings, and infuse your old gear with better secondary stats into your shiny new drops. More details on this system to come later this week!

Oculus Free Weekend

The folks at Oculus will be partnering with us to feature a Free Weekend event from Thursday the 19th to Sunday 22nd, where thousands of players will be able to give Orbus a try!

We expect a lot of traffic, so technical issues may happen but we'll be ready to respond to the issues as they arise. This is a chance to grow the community even more and we hope the community will be happy to answer new player questions. We'll also be ready and on the lookout to handle player incidents that may arise.


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