Upcoming Content: New Dungeons, Shard Increases and More

While we are all sad to see the fall colors disappear from the area, along with the mischievous Brezurple Snatchers, the festival was a success and Highsteppe will now have food for the upcoming cold days ahead.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the event! We were able to gather good information in game, along with feedback from the community that will help us as we plan the next festival: the Skygring, which occurs a few months after the Harvest Festival. This festival will see some of the same changes as the last, with changes to the terrain, plants and wildlife. We will take some time to go over all the feedback we have received as we finalize our plans for the festival, and will share more details in the coming months over what is in store for the citizens of Patreayl.

In Game Bug Reporting Tool

I wanted to also take a second and thank everyone that is using the Bug Reporting tool in game. By switching to this system we have been able to track, collate, and rank the bugs that are current in the game. Based off these reports we have been able to make some progress into the de-syncs, as well as some of the causes to the stuck combat issue. We have made these issues a top priority and hope to have some fixes in place in the coming weeks, to solve some if not all of these issues. I appreciate the community's continued support of the game and the Dev team while we work through these issues.

Oct 8th Update

Looking ahead to October 8th, we will be releasing the next two dungeons, as well as the Shard Dungeon increase of 11-15. The two new dungeons will be level 30 dungeons with unmatched content, and will not be part of the random dungeon queue. (You will have to travel to the dungeons to enter them). There will also be a mount that will be available through a new quest in game, although this mount will be the most expensive to date.

Luxury Mount

Ever wanted to move around the world in style? Wanted to sit back in a plush seat while you take in the vistas or stroll through the Highsteppe marketplace?

Now's your chance! Recently imported through the new Port Leisa inside of Hulthine's Basin, these Luxury Mounts are being sold inside the town of Highsteppe. Speak with the Ottathamine Merchant NPC, who has set up shop next to the future Highsteppe Furniture store, to start on the quest to acquire one. But be warned: the merchant is more interested in trading and Dram than they are making the world a safer place through monster killing, so be sure that your pockets are full of Dram before attempting this quest.

Abandoned Cave Dungeon When most of the citizens of Patreayl fled to Highsteppe, a group stayed behind and chose to fend for themselves in the Wastelands. This group, known as the Scavs, took over a cave that outsiders have dubbed Scav's Den, where they discovered an abandoned mining tunnel. Although it's unknown what the Scavs have unearthed inside this cave, rumor has it they found a creature from the not-so-distant past lurking in its depths...

For those players that had a chance to play original Orbus, you will see a familiar sight when entering this dungeon. The Dovregubben boss has made a return, as well as a new enemy, the Gate Keeper. You must kill the Gate Keeper to steal the key and unlock the door at the end of this dungeon.

Ancient Temple Dungeon Although a Temple by name, this dungeon seems to have a much darker history. Dating back to the time of the Esasa, you will find concrete slabs and manacles, as well as holding cells inside—although it looks like whatever was once contained has now broken free.

To enter this dungeon you will first need to unlock the entrance by killing the Gate Keeper at the end of the Abandoned Cave dungeon. Once you have stolen the key, you will then need to travel to the area known as Bear's Hollow inside Hulthine's Basin to find a way into the Temple that has not collapsed with time. Once inside, trust your party members to fight alongside you to defeat the experimental Mist Keeper, but beware as this creature can fill the room with poisonous gasses, leaving even the hardiest hero gasping for breath.

Dungeon Gear

By completing these dungeons you will earn your chance to claim a new set of gear. Based on the gear of the old "Spiro" set, this gear has been fortified and strengthened to withstand the higher levels of Essence Radiation that are now present in the region. You will earn the Cloth (Old Runemage), Leather (Old Ranger) and Plate (Old Warrior), and with a quest have the chance to earn a transmog (Old Musketeer).

Shard Dungeon Increase

Along with the two new level 30 dungeons, we will also be increasing the Shard Dungeons to level 15. This content is meant to be challenging to even the most experienced players in game.

Shard levels 1-10 will remain the same, while Shards 11-12 will have 2 minor, 2 major and 1 Brutal mutation. Shards 13-14 will have 3 minor, 3 major and 1 Brutal mutations. Shard level 15 will have 3 minor, 3 major, and 2 brutal mutations. One example of these new mutations is "Time Bomb", a major mutation where a bomb will appear on the back of a random player, and their teammates must remove and throw the bomb away from the group before it explodes and kills the party.

  • Note: The new Shard mutations will only take effect in Shards 11-15. None of the new mutations will be active for lower Shards.

Along with the increase of mutations throughout the Shard leveling process you will also encounter new shard mutations specifically designed for shards 11-15. In addition, the Airship dungeon will also be removed from the rotation for those levels, and the two new level 30 dungeons will be the only two dungeons at Shard level 14 and 15.

Shard Dungeon Gear

Those completing Shards 11-15 will also be rewarded with a new set of gear.
Along with the new gear set you will also have a chance to acquire the weapons dropped from the new level 30 dungeons, as well as a chance at a new Legendary weapon.

We are still finalizing at which shard levels this equipment will drop, as well as the item level of the items, and we'll have more to share closer to the release date of this patch.

We hope these new Shards along with the new mutations will give the end game community something to fight for, along with new gear and legendaries to strive for.

Future Updates

Looking ahead, we are really excited to start talking more about the upcoming crafting profession, the Tinkerer. With the help of new blueprints, you will be able to start crafting some new exciting items in Orbus. Find the right blueprint from a boss drop and you can craft your own mount, or buy a blueprint off an NPC and craft a picture to hang on your wall.

A few weeks after tinkering is introduced, we will be releasing the Player House Customization patch, which will allow you to take some of the furniture you have been crafting in the Tinkerer profession and decorate your house with it. You will also be able to go to the newly opened Highsteppe Furniture Store to shop for what a local merchant has for sale, along with special furniture that may only be purchased after unlocking the Achievement associated with it.

While I know the community will have lots of questions about the Tinkerer profession and Player House customization, we will have all the answers in a blog post in the weeks following the Oct 8th patch. We are excited, and look forward to seeing the pictures of players' interiors, along with the community's feedback to the Tinkerer profession.

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