Stress Test Trailer #2 -- Stress Test Tomorrow!

We'll be holding our last stress test before the Alpha begins tomorrow, January 5th. It will begin at 12 PM (Noon) Central Standard Time and end at 10 PM Central Time. So it will last approximately 10 hours.

The Download Link is Now Available:

We'll be posting a full play-guide for the test later today, but in the mean time please enjoy this trailer we put together which showcases some of the new things that you'll get to play with:

In particular, you'll get to ride the airship, use the new inventory system, have different skill levels for each class (based on what weapon you have equipped), get loot from slaying monsters, and test out the all-new Warrior class, which is a sword-and-shield archetype that can throw its sword and teleport to that location, taunting enemies and shielding allies.

Note that although it is shown in the video, the cave dungeon environment is still not going to be in the stress test, but it will be in the first Alpha test here in about a month.

We'll post detailed playing instructions later today as well as the link to download the client.



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