Reborn Launch + What's Next

OrbusVR: Reborn launched a bit over two weeks ago, and since then we've seen a re-invigoration of the OrbusVR community, with many new and returning players joining us to play the game. We set new records for most concurrent players at launch, and the game continues to bring in lots of fresh faces every day.

Since launch we've been listening to your feedback and putting out patches multiple times per week to address bugs, add requested quality of life features, and just generally keep improving the game to make it even better. I wanted to take a moment to sketch out a quick roadmap for where the game is going over the next couple of months and what the community has to look forward to as we continue to add new content to the game.

May 21st: Oculus Quest Launch

As previously announced, OrbusVR: Reborn will be coming out for the Oculus Quest when that device launches on May 21st. We fully support cross-buy between Rift and Quest, which means that if you already bought the game once on the Oculus Store for Rift, you can play it on Quest without re-purchasing it (or vice versa).

Our hope is that the Quest will usher in a new level of availability for 6 DoF VR for consumers, and open up OrbusVR to a whole new set of potential players who will be joining us in-game.

June 11th: Raid Beta

Above; early work-in-progress on the Ruins of Guild City Raid

Beginning June 11th, we will have the Ruins of Guild City Raid available to beta test. During this time, you will be able to play the Normal Mode version of the Raid to help test boss mechanics and fights. We're still deciding exactly how this will work, but either we will bring back the Beta Launcher and copy over current game data to a development server, or we will offer it as a queue option in the live game, but like a Battleground nothing you do in the instance will be saved when you exit.

The Ruins of Guild City Raid will feature 5 new bosses with fun and challenging mechanics for 10 player groups. The Normal Mode version of the Raid will be tuned such that most players in OrbusVR who reach max level can complete it given a bit of effort, it should be possible for pick up groups to defeat it, etc.

Barring any major issues, the Raid will launch out of Beta and live for all to play on June 25th.

June 11th: Explorers League Outposts

In addition to the Raid Beta on June 11th, we'll be launching the beginning of a piece of new content based on your feedback. We've heard from many players that they miss the old Orbus overworld's sense of exploration, with multiple areas to visit and an over-arching questline. Although we provided a series of Lore Quests in Reborn, many players want something that takes them through the whole game from 1-30 in a cohesive fashion.

Your heroic efforts to aid Highsteppe and reclaim the realm have not gone unnoticed, and the Explorer's League has begun making plans to take back the desolate wastelands and battlefields of Patreayl one outpost at a time. With this patch, a series of camps have been established by the League throughout the realm, and they are requesting your assistance to bring supplies and aid, as well as to defend, these camps as they begin to rebuild.

Each camp will have a series of quests (like those from the original game/the lore quests from Reborn) to complete, and along the way you will begin to unlock things such as Apprentice Smiths at each camp, with future content leading to actual rebuilding of the camp itself into an outpost. All of this will also begin to tie in to an extension of Randel's questline, allowing us to provide further quests in the overworld and tell another part of the ongoing story.

Note that the June 11th patch will be the first phase of the release of this content, with further content coming every few weeks until the entire questline is implemented.

July 9th: Hard Mode Raid

Two weeks after the launch of the normal Raid, we'll launch the Hard Mode version, which will feature significantly higher tuning as well as some other surprises to challenge groups of players who really want to test themselves.

In addition to these major content releases, you can expect additional minor patches in-between with quality of life fixes as well as some work on balancing tanking and healing ahead of the release of the Raid Beta. There's a lot to look forward to coming up for Reborn, and we're glad to have you with us!


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