Explore the Realm Points Match and Island Preview!

Starting Tuesday, August 18th, for one week only the dev team is offering to match all Explore the Realm points the community earns toward unlocking the new island!

Since event points became uncapped two weeks ago, the community has moved that progress bar up significantly—but with a little incentive, how much farther can you take it? The points match will start on Tuesday, August 18th when the new weekly list releases, and will run through the following Tuesday, August 25th when the list resets.

Want a closer look at what you’ll be playing for?

Island Sneak Peek

Sailors have long known of a deserted isle of the coast of Patreayl. While the island was inhabited generations ago, the island’s rocky shallows led to a string of shipwrecks, cutting off communication with the mainland and plunging the fate of the island's inhabitants into mystery. But with the recent increase in trade centered at Port Leisa in Hulthine’s Basin, a group of merchant sailors have contrived to construct a special boat capable of navigating the treacherous waters and "recover" the long-lost island. But once they reach the island, they'll need a pack of brave adventurers to scout the area...

When the island finally unlocks and the community is free to explore, you’ll find everything to fulfill your wildest dreams: sandy beaches, shady groves—and a whole host of undead creatures hellbent on destroying any living creature that crosses their path. It’s truly paradise! Did we mention the beachside graveyard with views so stunning you won’t mind reawakening there over and over again?

On the new island, you’ll find some familiar-looking foes, including aberration packs of Necro and Undead monsters similar to those that recently have started infesting Patreayl, commanded by a group of brand new elite monsters. The aberrations will each have their own ability featuring some new mechanics not seen elsewhere in Reborn, that work together with the elites to create challenging end-game group content for players that want to fight in the overworld.

The island will also feature some new rewards, including the bracers announced recently.

As of yet, the island is nameless—but there's still time to weigh in on that decision! Visit the Survey NPC at the docks at Port Leisa in Hulthine's Basin to vote for your favorite name for the island.

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