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One of the things we love best at OrbusVR is our community, from their general friendliness and helpfulness toward new players to their dedication to the game. Over the years, a number of the community have funneled their creativity and passion for the game into a number of projects, both digital and physical, that have impressed and inspired us—so we wanted to take a moment to showcase some of their work.

Community Art

Player Daeresha is well-known in the community for her fan art commissions. We even put Daeresha’s talents to work by commissioning some Orbus-themed art that debuted with our tinkering class last fall. Below are just a few examples of her player portraits. To see more examples, check out these threads on the community forums: #1, #2, #3, #4

Daeresha OrbusVR fan art DaereshaDaeresha herself! (Source)

altPlayer Richleth (Source)

altPlayer ChaseChair (Source)

Daeresha doesn't limit herself to just digital art, however. Check out these clay version of the Obnobi lizards she sculpted!


Other players have gotten in on the handmade Orbus art action as well. Emi/Meshe wanted to make a quilt-style blanket using pictures of Orbus avatars. The community responded with pics of themselves, and we agree with Emi that the resulting blanket is pretty darn cute.

alt altSource

We're also a big fan of these 3D printed wands several members of the community constructed.

altIce wand that Roxy sculpted from clay (Source)


3D printed wand from Solondor (Source)

And check out this 3D Shaman mask that NullByte created!


Some players have even found ways to express their creativity within the game. Acavi and Sky Cuttlefish have found ways to build characters/outfits to recreate iconic movies within the game itself. Check out the below pics, then see if you guessed the movie right by checking out the original thread.



We're also detecting some movie vibes in this meme that Meshe posted in the Fan Art channel of unofficial OrbusVR discord.


Finally, one of our favorite community inspirations is Rupert, the nickname given to the Shaman wolf super on the forums. Earlier this year the community held a Rupert drawing contest. Check out the thread for the full rundown of submissions!

alt Submitted by Xaffiri (Source)

alt Submitted by HotHotPockets (Source)

alt Submitted by Fat_F (Source)

alt Submitted by Souma451 (Source)

Finally, a few years ago Airis had a brilliant idea to start a creative writing thread to come up with some myths and legends in the world of Orbus and we found these stories very amusing and fascinating. Check it out here if you have time to read some!

We always love seeing the community's creations, and we're really impressed by the creativity and talent on display. Did we miss anything good? Let us know—and then keep up the creative work so we can do another showcase in the future!

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