Dev Blog: Post-Holiday Update

Hey everyone,

The holidays have now come and gone and we're back at work on the game full-speed! Since the last blog post, the community has continued to grow, and I'm pleased to report that as of today, more than 5,000 players have joined the world of OrbusVR, including more than 3,500 who have purchased the game on Steam since it became available December 15th. There's also been more than 22,500 hours of time played since Early Access began, meaning the average time played per player is a whopping 4.5 hours.

Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to review the game on Steam after purchasing it; our review score is now up to 86%, and that makes a huge difference in helping us keep the game's visibility up so more people find out about it.

Since the last post, we've released a series of patches which have fixed lots of issues including some long-standing bugs and performance issues. We'll keep pumping out patches to fix the other issues we're tracking including crashes and quality of life improvements. And of course we're hard at work on Content Patch One, which will be completed by January 29th.

We hope that you are having a blast playing the game, and thanks to our long-time community members who have been welcoming toward all the new players and helping them learn the ins and outs of OrbusVR. And to all the new players joining us in the last week, thank you for giving the game a chance and joining our community to make it even better!


Director, OrbusVR


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