Defend the Realm Event Completed, All Rewards Unlocked!

Brave Defenders of Patreayl! After 3 long months of dedication, protecting the countryside from invading horrors and providing much-needed supplies for the town of Highsteppe, you've successfully staved off the invasion... for now.

Close to 2000 of you participated in the event, and in doing so have managed to unlock every single milestone! We originally picked 6 million points as a target that we thought would be very challenging, and you've certainly risen up to the occasion!

For each of you that have contributed your personal minimum quota of 18,000 points, you'll receive four rewards once OrbusVR: Reborn launches.

The first reward is a special Defender's Cape that you can wear proudly to show that you were part of the effort.

Defender's Cape

The second is a windup golem pet that will follow you around in your adventures.

Golem Pet

You'll also receive a shiny Defender's Crown as well as the title of Defender of Patreayl! Titles will be a new way of showing some of your accomplishments to other players in OrbusVR: Reborn.

Defender's Crown

Of course, the milestone we knew many were excited about consists of a world boss event where you will take on one of the dreaded Dev Team as they take on the role of a World boss where the Guardians can once again band together to defeat them. We can confirm this will occur during an OrbusVR: Reborn beta session that will take place starting February 22nd (lasting a weekend, as did the previous ones).

We will stage the event multiple times during the session at different time zones for players of different continents. We do not have anything else to share just yet about it, but we will have more to talk about in the future as we get closer to that date.

Finally, we leave you with a glance at the future...

This is a quote taken from a diary of an unknown farmer in the years during the "Event": It has been 3 days since we left Tarth Fa Dathrun, packing all we could on our backs and setting across the hot sand. While some refused to leave, I knew I must make the journey to see if there would be help, something that could fight back against the darkness upon us.

We passed a a few other travelers yesterday, they were moving slowly, trying to walk through the sifting sands while burdened heavily. They spoke of a town that had been prepared, a safe haven. Rumors of this place and its people have been brought by merchants these last months, knowing something was coming they had begun preparations, stockpiling resources and setting up defenses against the ever growing monster presence.

I had thought it foolish, thought that it would never be needed... Thought that even if the evil that had been plaguing the area had descended we would be safe in our homes.

But I knew, as the rocks that held the Ryll Basin at bay had began shaking, that first day after the Event that I must take action, I must prepare myself and journey to meet these brave Guardians that had seen what was coming, I must align myself with them...


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