Updated Fishing Preview

We've been working on the fishing system a bit recently, and I thought I would share an updated preview of what it looks like right now:

As you can see, now instead of just casting out the line and waiting to get a bite, you now cast out and then slowly reel in, similar to how fly fishing works. While you're reeling, you have a chance to get a bite, at which point you "hook" the fish by jerking your pole, and then you reel it in without getting the tension on the line too high.

We also changed how the reeling mechanic works. Now the reel itself has a handle on it which you grab with your other hand and "reel" just like you would reel on a real-life fishing pole. It's a much more satisfying experience.

Keep in mind that this is really only about "half" of the fishing system that will be in the final game. We want fishing to be a "gathering class" that is all about preparation and patience. What that means is that you will need to create a lure for the specific type of fish you want to catch, based on ingredients that you collect all over the game (e.g. from monster drops, from gathering herbs, etc.). Each fish will have an attraction to certain ingredients, so to increase your chances of catching a certain fish you'll want to create a lure that is tailored toward its tastes.

In addition to that, fish only live in certain lakes and rivers in the game, and some are even only active at certain times of day. So, to catch a rare fish, you will have to not only create a lure designed to catch that fish (which might involve some rare ingredients), you'll need to go to the right spot in the world (which might be hard to get to), and you might even have to arrive at the right time of day (like dusk or dawn) to give yourself the absolute best chance to catch the fish.

We're looking forward to bringing you some video of crafting a lure here soon as well. Stay tuned!


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