Upcoming Content: Temple of Ma'at Battlegrounds

Next Tuesday (January 18th), we will be releasing a new Battlegrounds map. The patch will also include the Four-Year Anniversary Scavenger Hunt.

Temple of Ma’at Battlegrounds

Temple of Ma'at battlegrounds battlegrounds on Quest The old Battlegrounds has served us well over the last two and a half years, but we thought it was time for a change. Introducing our new battleground: the Temple of Ma’at. The goddess of peace and creativity, Ma’at’s desire for order and prosperity stands in contrast to her Gods of Chaos siblings. Her temple, along with its well-manicured grounds, reflect that desire for order. So it seems only right that we introduce a little chaos into it.

  • The new Battlegrounds can still be accessed through the Player Menu (Social - Activities - Battlegrounds). The old Battlegrounds will no longer be accessible after the patch.
  • Team colors are now Blue and Gold. A color-coded mini flag will appear underneath your status bar up top so you can easily identify which team you are on.
  • Flags will start out a neutral color but once captured will change to match the color of the capturing team.
  • Each flag will also have a beam of light above it in the sky (similar to the public event beacons). Uncaptured flags will display a white beam. Once captured, the beam will change to match the color of the capturing team.
  • To spice up the current dynamics, we are also introducing a few elite enemies to the Battlegrounds. These enemies will drop aged invisibility potions, which will have a short duration and can only be used within that Battlegrounds instance. (You will not find them in your inventory upon leaving the Battlegrounds, and they won’t show back up next time you re-enter the Battlegrounds.)
  • The temple grounds will be color-coded as well. For example, the Sapphire Dome Flag hall will have blue floors, the Violet Dome Flag hall will have purple floors, etc.

To celebrate the release of our new Battlegrounds map, we’ll be holding a Battlegrounds with the Dev team event on Thursday, January 20th from 4 to 5 PM CST. To join the event, simply log in and queue up for the battlegrounds from your Player Menu.

Four-Year Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

The next patch will also include our Four-Year Anniversary Scavenger Hunt.

  • Pick up the first quest from the Anniversary NPC near the community billboard outside the Player House.
  • Complete the scavenger hunt to earn a Penguin Transmog set.
  • All players who log in during the Anniversary Event will receive a four-year anniversary cape and cake (Player House decor), which can be picked up from the Rewards NPC near the Critter Capture shop.

four year anniversary cake and penguin transmog set

We'll have more info on the anniversary in a look-back post next week!

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