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Our next patch will be Tuesday, April 5, and will include an updated Player House, brand new tutorial for first-time players, and a new story questline. In today’s post, we preview some of the changes coming to the Player House.

Note: All pictures represent in-progress work; textures and lighting are subject to change. All pictures also represent decorated rooms; not all items pictured will be in final Player House.

Player House Preview

It's high time the hero of Patreayl had a house befitting their illustrious status! While the previous Player House was cozy and functional, it lacked a certain panache, and following the major update to Highsteppe last summer, the Dev team thought it was time to turn its sights on upgrading the current house.

Let's take a tour, shall we?

First Floor

When you enter your new Player House, you'll immediately notice the layout is a little different. (A little more spacious if you will.) This new interior setup was designed to match the home's exterior as viewed from Highsteppe City.

altThe main room of the first floor, as seen from the front door

When you first walk in, you will still find your Alchemy table on the left and your Player Chest on the right – but the similarities pretty much stop there. The Alchemy table will now face the wall, where you'll find a chalkboard to house the temperature chart and basic potions instructions.

altThe new dragon breeding room, which is partially open to the room on the floor above

The Dragon Breeding station has now been moved to its own "pet room." Later in the year we plan to change up pet storage in such a way that will allow you to display the pets you own, which will take full advantage of the spaciousness of this room.

altYour new "magical" elevator! Simply push the button for the floor you wish to visit

altThe grand spiral staircase

Just outside the Dragon Breeding room, tucked into a corner beyond the Player Chest, you’ll find a new feature: a "magical" elevator! This new feature functions just as a regular elevator would, and allows you to quickly move between the new floors of your home without having to take the spiral staircase up – because in addition to the ground floor and the basement, you will now have two new floors to explore and decorate.

Second Floor

The second floor now houses several other mainstays of the Player House, including the Auction Room, Lure Crafting station, Transmog wardrobe (now complete with a vanity mirror), and Tinkering station.

altThe new Auction Room

altThe main room of the second floor will house the Transmog wardrobe and Lure Crafting station.

altCheck out your latest look in the new vanity mirror by your Transmog wardrobe.

The main room housing the wardrobe and Lure Crafting station has a cutout between floors, so you can keep an eye on your dragons even from the second floor. The Tinkering station is in its own room, just off the hallway.

Third Floor

The third floor, accessible only via the elevator, houses the library and the training room. With its large windows and vaulted ceilings, we have a feeling this roomy space is about to become your favorite floor in the house.

altLarge windows provide ample light for reading in your new library.

altThe new training room

The basement will remain much as is, with both the Potion aging shelves and Artificing station still located here.

As the layout will obviously differ from the current Player House significantly, when the update goes live, all furniture and decor will be reset – so if you want to take pictures to preserve your space as it is now, now is the time!

We'll have more information on the other features of the upcoming patch in a blog closer to the launch date (Tuesday, April 5), so stay tuned!

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