Summer Fest 2023/ 5 YR Quest

Summer is right around the corner in Patreayl and will be releasing on May 23rd 2023 at 11 AM CST.

You will find that Sebastian, the guild’s top man, is still AWOL, leaving a major gap in the guild’s production as they take advantage of summer’s bounty for winter stores. Chances are you can catch Sebastian in the Rainforest, where he will be trying to catch the elusive swamp monster. Will you help the guild make their quota for the year, or will you help Sebastian in his conquest? Either way, pay a visit to the Summer Festival NPC outside the gates of Highsteppe to pick up the first quest in the Summer Fest line.


There will be a new 2023 Summer Festival cape this year. We’ve also added a new reward item that is a Player House furniture piece. Both items will be available as rewards through the questline.

Spring Fest will be ending on May 23rd, be sure to get those quests finished and turned in to claim your rewards!

5 Year Anniversary

With this patch we’re also including the finale to the Anniversary questline. Complete them all and earn your very own exclusive Rupert pet! If you haven't finished the previous quests, or even started, you still have plenty of time! We are planning on leaving all the anniversary quests active until the end of the year!
alt Like with the previous updates, the server wide boosts are still active!

They are (in addition to any player activated server-wide boost bombs):

+50 Luck

+5% XP

+5% Mount Speed boost

In addition to these boosts we have temporarily increased the chance of legendary drops in both the overworld areas and shard dungeons. Please keep in mind the drop chances are still extremely rare so we do not recommend “farming” for these rewards.


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