Spring Festival 2024!

Spring is coming back to Patreayl on April 23rd 2024! The landscape has been switched over to green grass and budding bushes, and the festival of Skogronn is coming back again!

Spring Festival


Once the patch goes live, you can visit the Festival NPC outside the gates of Highsteppe to start the festival questline. Completing the full questline earns the full lineup of rewards, including the Spring Festival Mount, the full Flower transmog set, along with a new Festival cape!

We want to give a big shout out to Tabsabout for designing this years Festival cape!

Multi Select

To help with your spring cleaning, we have added a new menu toggle that allows you to select multiple items (of the same type) and either breakdown or discard all selected items in one go!

Multi-Select is only available for player inventory items that are not locked and not currently equipped. Note crated items are not able to be multi-selected, and this feature will not allow you to move multi-selected items between player trades or chests.

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