Runemage Tournament Info and Steam Free Weekend Preview

Hi everyone. The Steam Free Weekend event starts at 12PM CT (Central Time) on Thursday and go through Sunday. If you're a new player, we hope you enjoy the game! We are always available to answer questions over on our Community Forums.

If you've tried the game during the other free weekend event on Oculus, you can use the same account on a Steam installation of the game and play more with those characters. The game will also be on sale during the event, if you decide to pick it up.


This Saturday 4PM CT (Central Time), we'll be running the official OrbusVR Runemage Tournament, featuring six of the best spellcasters in the community! Fireballs will explode, ice will shatter at amazing speeds as they showcase their talents for you and compete for the win and a cape to prove it.

Each mage will have two runs at the target course and the best attempt will be their final score.

You'll be able to spectate the competition live in game through a special menu option you queue for (similar to the PVP Arena), and we're also aiming to stream it on our Twitch page and have a video archive.


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