Patch 10.997- In Game Bug Reporting Tool

Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 4th, we will be releasing patch 10.997, which features the new in game bug reporting tool and the Fellowship Management tool. I wanted to take some time today and talk about what some of the new features mean for OrbusVR: Reborn moving forward.

Bug Reporting Tool

We are happy to introduce an in game bug reporting tool, which will be accessible from the Player Menu under the Information section. Inside the Information section you can already find all the tutorial help images, along with the FAQ section covering some of the basics of the game. With the introduction of the bug reporting tool, we are hoping to gather more information from the player population from all different devices, while removing the majority of the inconvenience of going to the community forums to report bugs or having to manually email output logs.

When sending a report via the tool in game, you will be able to choose from a common phrase list for the type of bug (crash, de-syncs, audio, etc). Using the common phrases will allow us to categorize and track the reports more easily, but you can also use the keyboard if the bug doesn't fall under the common types. There is a description area under this where you can explain exactly what happened or what steps are needed to re-create the issue. Once you press submit, the bug report is delivered directly to us along with your username, email, output log (PC only), along with the type of headset you are using allowing us to follow up via email associated with your OrbusVR account.

Making it easier for the community to report bugs while making more complete information available to us should allow us to start tackling some of the more persistent and annoying bugs from the game such as de-syncs, disconnects, etc. One of our primary goals over the coming weeks and months is solving many of these types of problems in the game allowing us to move forward with a solid foundation and provide the best play experience for the entire community.

Fellowship Management

With this patch we will also be introducing some limited fellowship management to the game. The Fellowship Leader can now promote and demote other guild members to and from the rank of officer. Officers can invite other players to the Fellowship, along with kicking players from the Fellowship who are not an Officer or the Fellowship Leader. You can find this new management tool under the Social tab in the player menu, then under Fellowship. With this patch we are also implementing a fix to the Fellowship shared chest log. This log shows a record of the Fellowship members that have interacted with the chest, either adding or removing items. There are no restrictions on the shared chest, so anyone that is part of your Fellowship can interact with the chest no matter what role they are.

Looking Ahead – Oct. 8th

Looking towards the future content planned we are excited to start sharing some screenshots of the upcoming Mining and Temple dungeons. These dungeons will be level 30 dungeons located in the Wastelands. Both dungeons will be releasing on Oct. 8th, alongside the higher Shard Dungeon cap of 15.

Mining Dungeon Just recently uncovered inside the Wastelands, this abandoned mining tunnel has been taken over by Scavs. You will have to fight your way to the end to uncover why this abandoned tunnel was deserted by its original workers.
This dungeon will consist of two bosses, seeing the return of the re-imagined rock golem boss "Dovregubben" from original Orbus.

Temple Dungeon

Located deep beneath the ground of Patreayl lies this hidden Temple. Although inside it seems to be a place for more cynical practices...
This dungeon will also consist of two bosses, seeing the return of the re-imagined Esasa mutation "Mist Keeper" from original Orbus. While this fight was a more complicated fight, it proved to be a favorite to players. We have brought back aspects of this fight, along with new mechanics to keep even veterans of this fight on their toes.

Shard Level Increase

We will be raising the Shard level cap from 10 to 15 also. Levels 10-15 will see additional new mutations, along with the fights happening only inside of the Mining or Temple Dungeons.

There will be a blog post closer to the release of the dungeons outlining more of the dungeon content, loot, as well as the shard level increase. Also as a reminder the Fall Festival will end on Sept. 17th, so if you want to earn your festival transmog or pets, you have two weeks left before the end.

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