OrbusVR: Reborn Beta 3

Welcome to the third Beta Weekend for OrbusVR: Reborn beginning Friday January 11th at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time! We've got a whole lot of new content for you to test, including new zones, a new class, public events, new enemies, and more!

Important Note: The OrbusVR: Reborn Beta is currently open to all current owners of OrbusVR. If you have previously purchased the game and logged in via your Steam or Oculus account, you will have access. If you don't own the game and want to participate in the Beta, you can purchase it and receive immediate access. Since OrbusVR: Reborn is a free update to all existing OrbusVR owners, it's basically like pre-ordering the new game.

Installing the Beta

Installing the Beta is relatively easy and straightforward. Just download the OrbusVR: Reborn Beta Launcher here:

Download the Launcher

Then unzip that file to anywhere on your computer (we recommend your Desktop for ease of access; avoid places like the Program Files directory that require Administrator permissions). Once it's unzipped, open it up and run the "OrbusVR_Launcher.exe" file in the folder.

You'll be prompted to log in to your OrbusVR account. Assuming you are successful and that it detects that you own the game, the Beta files will begin to download. The total download size is around 2.5GB.

Once the files are installed, you'll be able to press the Launch button to get into the game! It's that easy!

During the Beta Test

During the test itself, please be sure to keep an eye on our forums. We've set up a category and will be making posts asking for specific feedback on different areas of the game. We'll also have a general technical support thread if you run into any issues while attempting to install or play the beta.

(Note that the servers will not be online until 12 PM Noon US Central Time on Friday, so before then you will see a "Server Offline" message.)

General Notes

Since last test we've made many major improvements to the game, including additional content, new Public Events, the new Paladin class, and our first dungeon.

Be sure if you haven't already to check out the following for additional information on everything that there is new in this test:

Dev Blog: Paladin
Dev Blog: Beta 3 Preview
Full Patch Notes

For this test, the feedback that is most helpful to us is:

  • Feedback on the new Public Events that we've added, and continuing feedback on the Public Events in general.
  • Feedback on the new Paladin class
  • Feedback on the new dungeon, Lich's Crypt (try using the dungeon queue to find a group!)
  • Feedback on the changes to the PvP Battleground
  • Feedback on the new zones introduced to the game
  • Testing out the missions that are available and completing them
  • Feedback on the new gear (including the new dungeon gear styles), including the gold and silver foil versions
  • Feedback on other new miscellaneous features such as the new sky and day/night cycle, combat logging, etc.

Of course we welcome all of your questions and comments, but the above are the areas we are most focused on for this test, and therefore that feedback will be the most helpful to use right now.

Thanks for joining us for this test, and please be sure to leave us your comments on our forum!

Paladin Changes

Since our original post on the Paladin, we've made some additional changes to the Paladin. The Paladin's hammer charges with energy as it takes damage. With the hammer, you can do the following maneuvers:

Basic Attack: If you swing your hammer and hit an enemy, a globe will be consumed to deal damage.

Throw Hammer: You can throw your hammer by pressing and releasing the Grip button. If it hits an enemy, it will perform a lower-strength Basic Attack and stun the target for a short time.

Hammer Teleport: While the hammer is in mid-air, you can press the Trigger button to teleport to its current position, consuming one globe.

Call Lightning: Hoisting your hammer up into the air will call down lightning, taunting enemies within a short range and also granting you an instant energy of 2 globes. This is a cooldown-based attack.

Hammer Slam: Slamming your hammer into the ground will cause a large explosion, dealing damage to all enemies within range. This attack requires 3 globes, but deals significant damage, especially when attacking more than 2 enemies at once.

In addition to the hammer, the Paladin now has 3 librams on their belt. Grabbing these with your off-hand for a short time will cause the libram to unleash its magical power. The librams available are:

Libram of Healing: On a moderate cooldown, heals the Paladin of their wounds.

Libram of Blessing: On a long cooldown, grants a boon to the Paladin and all nearby allies which increases Strength and Intellect.

Libram of Power: On a short cooldown, empowers the Paladin's next self-heal or Basic Attack to grant extra healing or damage.


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