OrbusVR is on Kickstarter

With all the craziness this morning I completely forgot to update our own blog! Apologies for the delay.

In case you haven't already heard, OrbusVR is now on Kickstarter, and there are some great rewards available for those of you who are willing to support us this early in the development cycle. So check it out:


Since launching the campaign around 12 hours ago, we've already reached nearly 200% of our original funding goal, and crossed off a Stretch Goal with another just inches from the finish line. To be totally honest, I was not expecting this at all. I thought we could definitely hit our goal, but to hit it in less than 4 hours, and double it in 12, is amazing to say the least. So thank you to everyone who has supported us already.

In addition to being the cheapest price you will be able to pay for the game for quite some time (certainly the next year), there are already, thanks to the Stretch Goals, some items that you can only get during this Kickstarter campaign, such as the pet Dragon. So if you're on the fence about backing, I'd encourage you to at least chip in at the $30 level to get the game at a hefty discount and get the Stretch Goals.

I'm working on plans for some campaign-related activities later this week to hopefully keep the momentum going, more on that as it develops.

In the mean time, I'm going to try and get some sleep, it's been a crazy day!


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