Open Position: Community Manager

This position has now been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied, we received a tremendous amount of interest. I apologize if we weren't able to respond to your application personally, but please keep us in mind the next time that we have an open position.

OrbusVR is looking to hire a Community Manager to begin working with us as we embark on the next stage of our game development. In particular, you should be comfortable:

  • Moderating and managing community areas such as our forums
  • Posting to our social media accounts and writing newsletters and blog posts to help keep the community informed about what's going on with the game
  • Doing some basic promotional work such as creating ads for third party websites, short videos of the game to showcase it, or basic copy writing our own site.
  • Handling the ups and downs of the game development cycle (sometimes the fans love you, sometimes not so much, that's just how it goes)

Bonus points if you have existing experience managing a community site or doing PR work for a previous game project. (Even if you're new to our community or don't have much experience with our game just yet!)

This is a paid, contract-based position at approximately 20 hours per week. It's a remote position, so you can work with us from anywhere, with preference given to U.S. friendly timezones. In addition, if you are an existing fan of the game please note that due to the "insider" nature of this position, you will not be eligible to play the game in a competitive fashion, so keep that in mind.

If you're interested in the position, please submit a cover letter and your resume to rile[email protected] along with your hourly pay requirement. Thank you!


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