Now Live: Winter Festival of Strangers

The Winter Festival of Strangers is officially back with this patch! To pick up all the relevant mission and quests, visit:

  • Festival NPC (outside the gates of Highsteppe) for the main “Strangers” questline
  • Festival Farmer (outside Critter Capture shop) for the Floating Lights scavenger hunt
  • Pierre Cenn (inside the Critter Capture shop) for the Snowman Critter Capture mission

The Snowman transmog set will be back again this year, available through the main Strangers questline, along with a toboggan mount and a celestial-looking winter cape.

For completing the Critter Capture mission, you’ll also earn a new Snowman pet, this year themed to look like the ghost of snowmen past! There are also achievements to earn for catching 25 rare snowmen and completing all the quests, along with a title you can earn, "Winter Herald", to show off all your hard work in game.

Looking Forward

We are coming up on our 5 year anniversary which is an amazing accomplishment for the game, and for all those players that have made Orbus the community we have today. We will have our 5 year festival in game, along with the anniversary blog post outlining all that has been achieved in the last year from monster kills, to loot gathered and much more, be looking for that blog post after the new year!

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