Now Live: New Highsteppe, Farm Sidequests

The Highsteppe update is now live! We covered the changes fairly extensively in our last blog, so for more info, check that out - or better yet, just hop in game! In addition to all the changes previously covered:

  • The original route from the main gate to the Player House has changed slightly. There is now a tunnel from the Highsteppe Circle to the plaza outside the Player House.

  • NPC location changes: While most of the NPCs are still in their same locations (or very close to), note a few changes:

    • Darius has moved further into his shop.
    • Chef Lethrow is now located at the top of the stairs inside his newly re-stored kitchen.
    • Mayor Kaia, while in the same vicinity, now has inside office on the Highsteppe Circle.
    • The Infusion Specialist has moved inside the brick building directly behind Pierre Cenn’s Critter Capture shop.
    • The Fellowship Registrar, the man you need to speak with to form or upgrade your fellowship, has been moved to a stone building inside the Fellowship Courtyard.
    • The Raid Vendors, both Regular and Hardmode, have moved to a small outcropping directly in front of the Fellowship Courtyard.
    • The Beginner Weapons NPC has relocated to right outside the graveyard next to the main gate.
  • We are also working on updating textures for the Highsteppe NPCs, so you may see a mix of old and new textures while we work through that.

  • Larger handles have been added to most of the city’s doors in order to make them more accessible to players of different heights.

  • Two climbing locations have been added: one for the balcony above the newly remodeled Player House exterior, and one for the tower at the airship dock.

There are also a few surprises here and there, but we'll let you discover those on your own! (Don't want to spoil all the fun.)

Quest players should see improved aesthetics more closely matching those of PC players, with similar performance as experienced before. We will be monitoring the performance of the town on both PC and Quest platforms and will continue to make adjustments to increase the performance as needed.

Farmland Side Quests


This patch also includes two new side questlines. Visit the larger of the two farms (when leaving Highsteppe, take a left on Trader’s Road; near where Treesus patrols) to talk with Farmer Jonce. Once you’ve completed the first quest for this farmer, you’ll unlock a questline with Farmer Sam.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

And finally, a couple other additions to this patch. One, you can now turn off the Mission NPCs' icons that show through the walls via the “Help Sign” toggle on the General Settings tab of the Player Menu. And two, we are also rolling out a fix with this patch for the Shaman Orbs resetting if held too long.

We are excited to share the new and improved Highsteppe with the community, and hope that everyone is as excited as we are to explore the new changes!

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