Job Opening- Contract 3D Generalist

We're looking to expand the OrbusVR team; if you're interested in helping us create content for the first major VRMMORPG, read on for more details on what we're looking for and how to apply.

3D Generalist artist

Ad Alternum Game Studios is seeking to hire a 3D generalist with the ability to model, texture, rig, and animate monsters, bosses and NPCs for OrbusVR. This is a remote, contract position (20/hrs week), with compensation depending on experience. Available to applicants from anywhere in the world; however, do note that we typically work in the US Central Time Zone, so preference will be given to those who work hours that fit with that schedule.

To apply, please send your resume, along with a portfolio of your previous work, and hourly rate to [email protected]

Quick Notes for Existing Community Members

If you are an existing, active player of the game and want to apply, note that our company-wide policy is that members of our Development Team are not allowed to play the game in a competitive fashion. That means you can't be in a Fellowship trying for a first kill of a boss, you can't actively play the market, etc. We will discuss the details with you further if we make an offer to hire, but just want to note that up front. Of course your passion for the game is a major bonus to us, so we welcome your application if you want to see what the other side of the table is like!

Finally, please note that due to the inevitable volume of applications we will receive, we will be unable to individually respond to every one of them. We will update this post when the position is filled. Thanks for your interest in working with us. We hope to hear from you soon!

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