Interactive Map, Lvl 30+ Perks, Lvl 30 Warrior talents, Shaman changes

Next week on Aug 6th we will release a patch with some exciting new content. I wanted to take some time today and go over the upcoming patch in more detail.

Interactive Map

We are excited to introduce a new interactive map. We are hoping this will make it easier for new players to find their way through the new world, along with those more navigationally challenged veteran players. With the map you will be able to view the current zone, along with the overview of the world. You can then pick from the Point of Interest list to set a beacon that will appear like a white beam in the world to guide you towards your destination (similar to the public event beacons.)

To open the main map screen, use the laser pointer and click on the spinning globe at the top left of your vision.

At the bottom of the main map screen are buttons for “Zone” and “World”, which can be used to switch between the map specific for the area you are in or the World map. When the Zone view is highlighted you will see on the left panel all the POI for that zone. Switching to the World view changes the list on the left panel to all POI in the game. By selecting a POI from the list (or by clicking on the POI beacon on the map itself) you can set a way point which shows as a white beacon in the 3D world.

On the map itself you will see a flashing white arrow indicating your position along with player rotation. You can leave the large map up while walking if you wish, or set the beacon and start heading in that direction. The map window itself will close when you enter combat, so you will need to re-open it if attacked.

This is the first iteration of the map. We have some ideas for additional features we would like to incorporate, along with updating the map from player feedback.

Lvl 30+ Perk Tree

We are excited to add some additional QOL improvements that are earned through the game, and hope this will be a good reward for the end game players after they reach Lvl 30.

The tree is broken down into 7 categories meant to be some QOL improvements without affecting combat game play. Within each category there will be 5 levels.

Luck: Can increase your luck stat by a maximum of 500 points

Mount Speed: Can increase your mounted speed by a total of 10% max

Weight Capacity: Can increase your carried weight by a total of 5 lbs max

Potion Making: Can increase your chance to make double potions up to 25% max

Lure Crafting: Can increase your chance to make double lures up to 25% max

Potion Aging: Can increase the over aging window up to 48 hrs max

Vendor Discount: Can receive a maximum of up to 10% discount in price on all NPC purchased items (Odds N Ends, Dragon Shop, etc.) (Does not include auction house)

You will receive 1 point for each level gained after 30, with the first perk in each category requiring 5 points, then 10, and so on. You can choose to spread your points out between all the categories or you can place them all in one to get the maximum benefit. If you have already over leveled past 30 prior to the patch roll out you will be able to assign those points already earned.

Updated Lvl 30 Warrior Talents

Based off the feedback we received after introducing the current Lvl 30 Warrior talents, we have re-worked the talents into the new talents: Over Heal and Counter Attack.

When you have the Over Heal talent selected, all healing received while the Warrior is at full health will be partially applied to the Warrior shield health. This also has diminishing returns so if you use a big burst of healing over a short period of time (like all healing orbs at once) then it will not be as effective as keeping the tank topped off and using your orbs more spaced out.

The Counter Attack talent charges your last successful combo and stores it on your weapon after a successful block. So you would do a normal combo, block an attack, and the last combo you did will be charged on your sword, allowing you to attack again. There is a cool down on the Counter Attack talent.

We are excited for players to get to try out the new talents and will take player feedback and make adjustments once we get some in game data.

Shaman Changes

Along with the other updates in this patch, we are also implementing some changes to the Shaman class. You can now see the Shaman mask in 3D on other players around you.

The Shaman shield totem will also now have a role in the rotation of some Shamans. When deployed the Shield will do an AOE buff to the nearby players giving them a temporary shield buff, allowing for additional survive ability when playing solo. Along with some added utility while playing as part of a party. The last change we made was calculating the re-spawn timer for the thrown orbs, now starting the re-spawn timer from the time the hand releases the Orb, instead of when it hits the enemy.

OrbusVR Transmog Gear

We will also be rolling out a few sets of the original Orbus gear that were earned while playing the game in Early Access before Reborn's launch. These will be available to anyone who previously had unlocked them in their transmog wardrobe along with anyone that still has them in their inventory (must be broken down to transmog.)

If you are a newer player, or never completed a few sets from the previous game, fear not. You will be able to earn a similar set of Spiro and Techno gear from the upcoming Dungeons we previously mentioned.

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