Hard Mode Citadel Raid Now Live

The Hard Mode Citadel Raid is now officially live. During the two-week beta period we made some changes to mechanics, as well as scaling, based upon community feedback. We are excited for players to go through the full raid, as it will be the most challenging content we have in game so far.

The bosses will drop +6 gear and weapons, with a chance at a +7 legendary. You can also earn an Enraged Sephotep pet, mount, and cape, as well as achievements and a title.

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As with the normal mode raid you will receive a token for that specific gear every time you kill the boss if you do not receive an armor/weapon drop. These will be Citadel Hard Mode tokens that you can redeem at the Hard Mode Vendor inside of Highsteppe.

This patch also includes the second round of balancing for the tank/healer/support classes, with the changes we have made based upon player feedback.

Thank you to everyone in the community that offered feedback on Hard Mode Raid and class mechanics! We appreciate the input, as well as the patience in this longer-than-usual beta period.

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