Fishing in Orbus

Orubs is a new VR MMO that I'm working on. If you're new to the site, a good place to start is my original introduction.

Continuing with the trend of remaking current MMO staples with the power of VR interaction, today I've got a little preview of the fishing system in Orbus to show off. Check it out:

One of the coolest things about this is just playing around with the fishing pole, casting it out and letting the bobber float as you wait for a bite. Then you give a "jerk" to hook the fish, and press a button to engage the reel. You have to balance reeling in the fish against the tension you are putting on the line. Whenever you're not actively reeling it in, the fish jerks around under the water, taking the bobber around (sometimes farther away!)

I want fishing in Orbus to a relaxing experience, like fishing can be in real life. Going to picturesque locations by the water and relaxing while you wait for a bite is something that is enjoyable in real life and should be equally enjoyable in VR. It can also be a social experience, as others will be able to fish next to you.

This is just a first pass at the mechanics. In the final game, you'll need to choose a fishing pole that's strong enough to catch the type of fish you are after (higher level fish are stronger and will put more tension on the line, requiring a tougher pole). You'll also need to correct bait to attract the type of fish you want to catch, as well as the correct location in the world to do your fishing. Finally, you'll be able to catch fish of various sizes, setting personal records for yourself throughout the various zones in the world.

Fishing not only catches fish, it will also be a way to "scoop up" lost artifacts that have fallen in the water that fish might have eaten...

Can't wait to do some nice, relaxing fishing in VR...

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