Dev Blog: Questions and Answers #5

Back with more questions from the community, and answers from the dev team! If you have any questions you would like to see answered please post them on our community forums, or just ask a dev in game.

When will the Citadel Raid launch?

We will be launching the Beta test for the Raid on December 3rd 2020, with the full launch coming out the 15th as long as the Beta goes well. We will have a blog post coming out in the coming weeks going further into depth on the raid.

When will we see the Quest 2 improvements to the graphics?

Before the end of the year, likely in mid December.

After the DPS balance changes I remember reading about tank/healer balance changes. Do you guys have a rough idea what / when that will happen?

It will be after the Raid launch, so I would look for it coming after the first of the year. We will also be fixing the broken instruments for the Bard at that time also.

Several games in the past have featured the ability to create custom content from within the game. Essentially the player was given assets to use in game to carve their own dungeons. Is this a possibility to do for Orbus?

We are not currently looking into anything like this for Orbus, although it would be neat for players to be able to create their own dungeons, the system to create this would be a pretty large undertaking.

Can we look forward to new PvP content? Whether it be new maps, different game modes, static PVP goblin, etc?

Yes, we are looking into new maps and possibly bringing back the free for all game mode for the PvP battlegrounds. This would be after the first of the year for the new game modes but could see a new battlegrounds map before the end of the year.

Is Account-Wide storage something that’s on the list?


Simple question here. New class? When and what?

While we have some thoughts and ideas for future classes, we don't have a timeline onto when any new classes will be added to the game. We do have plans on doing a pass through the existing classes and fixing any bugged skills, or class mechanics in the existing classes once the Raid is out.

With the game increasing in players daily, will this urge the team to push content out faster than we’ve been getting, or implement a system of mini event’s that’ll keep people busy and entertained during the week.

The community has been growing fast since the Quest 2 launch, and for any new players reading this WELCOME! For new content we have the Citadel Raid coming out in mid December along with the Festival of Strangers (Winter Festival) at the same time. There is also an upcoming event for our 3rd year anniversary at the first of the year, where there will be a Developer event, along with a new quest line for this event.

Any plans to increase warrior damage or equal damage of the pally in overall dungeons and raids

Each of those classes have their positives and negatives. When we do the balance pass on the Healer and Support classes along with the bug fixes we will look at these classes and see what, if any, changes need to be made to ensure they are each viable in dungeons and raids, but want to ensure they each have their own separate roles.

Would there be a way for you guys to add a setting to remove the extra effects of spells? For example fireball 2 could just be a orange or yellow ball, or remove the lightning effects from shaman’s lightning

In your Player menu, under graphics, you can turn off specific classes VFX effects. So for large group events like world bosses where there are 30+ players all attacking the boss at once, it will improve the FPS.

We we ever get mouths that move when we talk?

We are working on a fix for this, the eyes and mouths should be moving when you talk. It will not mimic the words you are says, but will create the expression of speaking when you speak and the speaker icon appears above your head.

As for the new raid bosses coming at the end of the year what kind of things can we see so the bosses don’t melt quickly?

We will have a blog post coming out in the coming weeks discussing the Raid, we won't be releasing the exact mechanics so the player base can discover themselves but will go over some general mechanics we are using.

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