Dev Blog: Questions and Answers # 3

When will you remove the cap for turning in points for the Explore the Realm?

We will be removing the 2,000 points per week cap on August 4th. From the 4th until the end of the event you will be able to turn in as many points as you like, helping the community unlock the Island even faster!

What is the new Island's name? What is the voting looking like?

As of this morning the results are: 278 votes cast

Greystone Island: 59
The Forsaken Isle: 119
The Black Cay: 36
Revenant Reef: 64

If you haven't voted yet, go to the docks at Port Leisa and speak with the "Survey NPC" to cast your vote! The voting will end once the Server wide goal is achieved, so be sure to get your vote in as early as possible.

Will the grinder (G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G Device) be getting any love anytime soon?

Yes, as we mentioned in previous blog posts, we are going through and looking at previous mechanics that have been in-game for awhile, and adding additional rewards. With the new yet-to-be-named Island, there will also be more places to use the Grinder to level 5.

Are you ever going to do something with that wrist slot?

Yes! We will have more information on this in the following blog post, but we have heard the community and we have some new exciting plans for that lonely, empty wrist slot.

Will you be beta testing the raid like you did for the Guild City raid?

Yes. We will release the Citadel Raid in a beta release to squash any bugs with the boss fights before releasing fully with the gear, as we don't want bugs to prevent players shooting for the "First Clear" or best times.

Will the hard version of the raid come out around the same time?

No, the Hard mode raid will come out after the Normal mode raid, most likely toward the beginning of next year.

Will we ever have arms and legs?

I don't want to say never, but with the current iteration of Orbus I don't think we will see this, as it will require a remake of the entire character avatar along with re-making all gear.

Character slots: This was on Q&A#1, but it wasn’t on the roadmap. I was curious if it’s something that will be done and fitted in between the other bits on the roadmap if and when you get time, or if it’s later on the roadmap starting in 2021?

This will be something coming out in 2021 (first part of the year).

Will there be more done about crashing issues for PCVR and Quest users?

This is something that we continue to work on, along with the voice chat issues that plague the game also. We have been working on a solution, but I have not mentioned it yet as it has been a big undertaking and we are not sure that it will solve the whole problem, part of the problem, or that it will even work yet. But, once we have more concrete evidence one way or another, working or not, I will be able to bring the community more up to speed on what we have been doing, and I have my fingers crossed it will be good news. Just to ensure I set expectations properly also, this will still be a few months away at the earliest before I will have any concrete information.

Will there be any changes made to how easily gear fully breaks before it needs repairing?

One thing we have talked about was making a usable item that could repair gear on the fly—a type of one-use item that could be purchased that would then allow players that might be a ways from an Apprentice Smith and unable to repair their gear to then stay out in that area of the ovrworld and repair it themselves, but for a higher price then a normal repair.

Where did the "Necro" monsters come from? They just showed up on the day the Explore the Realm started?

While it's not 100% known where these Necro creatures that have started terrorizing Highsteppe and the surrounding lands have come from, many of the local fisherman swear they have seen these creatures floating along the channels and streams inside the world, and the Shipping captain also claims to have seen them scaling the rocky cliffs of Hulthine's Basin.

The captain has been rambling on for years about the new Island we want to explore being overrun with powerful undead monsters that look eerily similar to that of these Necro creatures, but I personally think that the old captain has swallowed one too many gallons of salt water, and there is nothing to fear about exploring new lands that could have bountiful useful items within them!

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