December 3rd Stress Test Recap

Last night's stress test saw a great turn out -- the client was downloaded more than 300 times and we had around 150 people get online at the beginning. If you were there, thanks for checking it out and helping us kick the tires.

Unfortunately, we ran into more network issues that we were hoping for. I spent most of the night running around putting out fires on the database, the network proxy, you name it. Although it made for a bit of a frustrating play experience, it was a lot of valuable information for us that we were glad to get. By the end of the night, things had stabilized to the point that people were actually getting to play the game and enjoy themselves.

So, we want to give it another shot tonight! We think we've got a good handle on what went wrong, and we don't really want to move forward with development until we get this stuff figured out (since it's pretty key to making the whole game work...) If you've got some time tonight, we'll put the server online at 7:30 PM Central Time again, and leave it on for at least an hour. If all goes well, it will be a good solid hour of play time!

Here's a link to the guide again just in case, but you can use the same client you already downloaded, no need to download anything new:

December Stress Test Play Guide

And be sure to join us on the forums to give feedback while you're playing.

See you in-game tonight!



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