Crafting In Orbus

Orubs is a new VR MMO in development right now. If this is your first visit, you might catch up on our previous post introducing the game.

One of the things that I'm most excited about in regards to the VR nature of Orbus is the crafting. In traditional MMOs, crafting consists of gathering a bunch of materials according to a blueprint, then just pressing a button and waiting a few seconds while the item is made. And poof! It's done.

In VR, though, there's no reason why we can't get our hands a little "dirty", so to speak. One way I'm experimenting with this is by making the crafting process similar to a 3D puzzle. Here's an example of building a simple airship:

As you can see, you would assemble the parts needed to build the ship, and then you would be presented with an outline of the overall shape of the finished item. Then you have to put the pieces into place yourself, by moving and twisting them until they "snap" into place.

This would be a basic example, but a more advanced piece might involve many more (smaller) pieces to make it more challenging. In addition, we could involve the rune system as well, by requiring you to (for example) draw a wind-based rune on the balloon of the airship before it is completed and can fly.

I'm looking forward to sketching out basic examples for the various crafting systems I'm planning to put into the game, including alchemy (play a mad scientist with your own laboratory!), botany (grow plants in your greenhouse!), and fishing (VR fishing it so much fun!).

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