Closed Beta 4 In-Progress Recap

Since this is the longest Beta test that we've ever run, I thought I would take a moment to write up a quick "in-progress recap" rather than waiting until the end. So the usual stats:

  • Total players: 520
  • Total hours played: 2,679
  • Most time played: Shiki with 72 hours

We've seen a tremendous amount of participation during this test which has been great. I think there are a lot of folks who were just waiting for us to get to a point where they knew a) it was the last test, and b) they didn't have to worry about scheduling their play time around our limited testing schedule. So thank you to everyone who is taking the time to help us iron out bugs and get everything ready for Early Access!

I also want to send out a special "Welcome" to all the new players who are joining us. Hundreds of people have purchased the game in the past few weeks, and word is obviously starting to spread about how much fun people are having with the game; that's great to see! The new art re-work also seems to be a big hit and is helping draw people in to the game world that might not have given us a chance previously.

What's Going on This Week

We've released new Community Guidelines for the forums so that we're better able to handle the ongoing needs of the community in terms of bug reports and suggestions. So be sure to check those out if you haven't already. In addition to that, we've got a big new patch out the door this afternoon with a whole host of bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback, so look forward to that!

This is also the time that we're beginning to send out information to press outlets, YouTubers, and streamers who might be interested in reviewing the game as we head into Early Access. So if you see some new faces around be sure to welcome them warmly and show them a good time!

The rest of this week will be spent fixing bugs, polishing the game, and finalizing our integration with Steam and Oculus stores for our Early Access release.

Road to Early Access

We've got just over a week and a half to go until the servers shut down on December 8th for us to prepare for EA. Between now and then, we've got a bunch of polish and bug fixes that we want to get done (although today's large patch certainly helps cross a lot of stuff off the list). In particular, we should have at least the first wing of the Tradu Mines Dungeon ready for testing soon. In addition to that, beginning today we're introducing the "Super Leveler" Achievement, which is our way of incentivizing folks to run through the quests one last time from the beginning to help us make sure they are all nice and ready to go.

One quick reminder, if you have not yet ordered the game and are on the fence about it, you only have until December 1st to order it from us via our site and qualify for the Early Access Head Start which will be held December 13th. After that time, we will be turning off sales on our site to prepare for Early Access store sales, and as such you will have to wait to buy the game from the Steam or Oculus stores when it launches on December 15th.

Well I think that's all for now. See you in-game soon!


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