Closed Alpha Test 3 Begins Tomorrow

Tommorrow morning, we'll be kicking off our second Closed Alpha Test which will last for 48 hours. (Here's a handy Countdown to the start of the test).

If it's your first time in the Alpha

Be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide on the Wiki. That is a must read at this point since there is no in-game tutorial to guide you. Other players will also be very helpful in this regard.

You can download the game launcher here:

If you don't already have access to the Alpha, you can purchase access on your My Account Page at any time.

Welcome to OrbusVR, we're excited that you're here!

For our testing veterans

This test's feedback thread is here:

The main focus of this test is the re-work to the Warrior and Musketeer classes, which we previously discussed in their respective blog posts. The Patch Notes have also been updated on the Wiki with the full rundown of everything that's changed, including a few things we snuck in at the last minute.

Personal Chest

One thing we were able to sneak in right at the end is your Personal Chest. This is a place where you can store gear and items that you've acquired long-term. Just enter your house, open the chest, drop in some items, and off you go!

The size of the chest in terms of how many slots are available is not indicative of how large it will be in the final game, by the way :-)

Our First Crafting Experience: Lure Crafting

We were hoping to be able to get the full Fishing re-work in for this test as well, but unfortunately that turned out to be a goal that was slightly more ambitious than we were able to achieve. However, we did get the crafting portion of the class in, which is exciting since it's our first crafting experience.

Basically, you now have a Lure Crafting table inside of your Player House, which you can use to craft lures. Lures are made from parts which you can find all over the world, particularly off of monster drops. Right now we've got the Lesser Eye, Small Tongue, and Rotten Finger to name a few (fish in OrbusVR like weird stuff, what can we say?) After you gather some lure parts, just head over to your Lure Crafting Station. Open the chest at the station and place the parts into it. Once you do that, they'll appear on top of the table ready for you to use. Then just pick them up and place them on the hook to build a lure. Easy!

The crafting station has its own storage just like your Personal Chest, but you can only store Fishing Ingredients (like lure parts) in there. So that gives you some extra storage space to keep those ingredients in. Future crafting stations for Alchemy and Runesmithing will work similarly.

We'll talk more about Fishing in general when we get the rest of the re-work in, but we decided to go ahead and share the half that's already done with you now. Note that as far as crafting goes, making lures is pretty drop-dead simple. Things like Alchemy and Runesmithing will be much more involved. Fishing is really more focused on the actual art of fishing and the preparation that goes into that, of which making a lure is only a small part; so we didn't want to make crafting them something which took loads of time and effort.

Enjoy the Warrior, Musketeer, lure crafting, and all the rest of the new stuff we've added! See you in-game tomorrow.


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