Closed Alpha Test 2 Today!

In approximately 3 hours from this post, we'll be kicking off our second Closed Alpha Test which will last for 24 hours. (Here's a handy Countdown to the start of the test).

If it's your first time in the Alpha

Be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide on the Wiki. That is a must read at this point since there is no in-game tutorial to guide you. Other players will also be very helpful in this regard.

You can download the game launcher here:

If you don't already have access to the Alpha, you can purchase access on your My Account Page at any time.

Welcome to OrbusVR, we're excited that you're here!

For our testing veterans

This test's feedback thread is here:

In our previous blog post, we highlighted some of the major new additions to the game, including the re-working of the Runemage class, with a dozen new spells, new portal destinations, the much-anticipated Resurrection ritual, and the addition of the Runemage super ability, Sunfire. The Patch Notes have also been updated on the Wiki with the full rundown of everything that's changed -- and there's a lot! We're moving incredibly quickly to add new content and features to the game as well as fix major bugs as we march toward Beta.

I'm pleased to report that we are currently on-schedule to begin our Beta test period in July. I have to commend our entire team on all the hard work they've been putting in to get us to this point. Although it's a bit stressful for us to be constantly holding Alpha tests every two weeks, at the same time it's amazing to be an MMO that's actually putting out playable content and interacting with the community, instead of being years away from anyone actually getting into the game.

See you in-game in a couple of hours!


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