Artwork Thursday: Monster Concepts

We continue to be hard at work on the game, making good progress in getting us to the next stress test, which we're hoping to do in about two weeks. More info on that to come.

We actually have an artist who is working on the game now, Elijah Williams. That means that we're finally getting to start working on some bespoke art that matches the type of style we want to use for the game.

Since Elijah is busy pumping out some awesome goodies on a regular basis, I decided to start doing an "Artwork Thursdays" weekly posting where I share what he's working on so you can get a sneak peek and what's going on behind the scenes.

Without further ado, here's the art:

This week's post features a couple of monster concepts that we are working on for our jungle and desert biomes. As you can see, we want the monsters to be creative, not boring; more Final Fantasy, less Lord of the Rings.

Elijah is doing a great job of getting really creative with these designs, and we're really looking forward to getting them in-game so we can start implementing their game mechanics and playing with them.

Note that in the next stress test you will likely not encounter most of the stuff we end up showing off in these posts, that may not happen until Alpha or even Beta.

Anyway, back to work! :-)


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